Singer, songwriter, producer
BIRDSY (Vlada Berdnikova) is a 28 y.o. singer, songwriter, and sound producer from Ukraine.

The main genres are Pop, R'n'B, and Electronic.

The girl creates songs totally on her own from music production to cover arts and music video editing. Having recently moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

Vlada studied as a jazz-pop singer in Odesa, Ukraine, and
as a songwriter at the Songwriters Academy of Sweden Musikmakarna.
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How I can help you:
Songwriting (lyrics, melodies) and music production for artists and brands.
Vocal Production
Work with me as a vocal coach, assistance, and support during studio recording. Editing your records.

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We can focus on songwriting and music production, or both, depending on your needs.

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Phone: +420 731 437 009
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